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Bike Fitting

Broken Spoke is Las Vegas’ only Retül certified bike fitter. Retül technology is a cycling-specific motion-capture bike fitting system that provides accurate and comprehensive bike fit data. The system incorporates three-dimensional measurement, immediate report capability, and a millimeter-specific digitizing tool to give you the most accurate fitting system possible.

Retül technology assists us in making objective and accurate fit decisions, as a proper bike fit is one of the single most important factors for optimal performance and efficiency, injury prevention, and comfort on the bike. A proper bike fit will not only provide a rider with the most economic means of expending energy, but will also prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to a bike they’ve already purchased.

The Retül system reads the rider’s movements while they are in motion on the bike. The system is able to account for all three planes of movement (3D). This type of data cannot accurately be captured with 2D video, static fitting, or eyeball fitting. The Retül system eliminates the guesswork and assumptive nature of a bike’s fit. The result is that the rider will have a true fit to his or her bike, maximizing efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort and/or injury.

Both elite athletes and recreational cyclists will benefit from a bike that fits properly. Retül promotes and encourages accurate (and data-driven) decisions for bike fit while considering the goals, individual biomechanics, strengths, and limitations of each rider. Our bike fitter is the key – Retül technology alone is not enough to perform the fit. The training and experience of the fitter is essential to a good bike fitting experience. The Retül system simply provides our fitter with the most accurate fitting tool available so that he can get your position just right.

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